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Things To Know About Maintaining Your Gas Heating System

Good Deals Heating and Cooling gas heating systemThere are some different ways in which people can heat their homes. Some of the most simple systems involve wood burning stoves and tightly sealed living environments. Some households use coal, and others rely solely on electricity. There are also natural gas systems that use entirely non-flammable heating oil. Following are a few essential maintenance tips to bear in mind if you happen to have a gas heating system.

This type of heating unit should be inspected at least once each year by a licensed professional. Include this inspection on your regular home maintenance list. If any cleaning, part replacements or other changes need to be made, these issues can be identified and dealt with at this time.

If your pilot goes out and you do not have any experience in working with this equipment, you should contact your energy services company or your fuel supplier. Lighting the pilot is a relatively simple process, but you should watch it done correctly before attempting to do it on your own. Your provider can show you the detailed instructions that are recorded on the manufacturer’s plate within the actual heater.

All gas heated homes should have carbon monoxide alarms and gas detectors installed in various areas. This way, if a gas leak does arise, you and your loved ones will be warned before any harm is done. In many locations, these detectors/alarms are mandatory. Not only do you need to have these in place, but it is also vital to check them regularly to ensure that they have active batteries and that they are functioning as they should.

You should also know the age and condition of your equipment. If your heating system is making loud clanging sounds when used, this indicates that it is nearing the end of its lifespan. This can also be the case if you have noticed a recent spike in your energy bills. When gas systems get old and outdated, opting to have them replaced can help you save money given that your heater will need to use a lot less gas to warm your abode efficiently.

For more information on your gas heating system, contact Good Deals Heating and Cooling at 215-947-1166.


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