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What To Do If Your Home Doesn’t Have HVAC Ductwork

Good Deals heating and Cooling HVAC ductworkCentral heating and cooling systems are among some of the most convention HVAC options available. Unlike portable or window cooling units, these systems can effectively control both the temperature and humidity throughout all areas of the home. To have a central system installed, however, your property needs to have the appropriate HVAC ductwork. Ductwork is the series of delivery tunnels that will be used to route clean, filtered air throughout the home, whether this air is cooled or heated.

The most economical way is to have ducts put into a building throughout the construction process. If this is not a feature that your builder included, adding it on after the property has already been finished is complicated and costly. Fortunately, however, there are licensed companies that are willing to tackle projects like these.

Many households that lack ducts choose to have mini split air conditioning and heating systems installed instead. With these, a central compressor is located on the exterior of the building. This compressor is connected to individual registers throughout the home that distributes heated or cooled air without the need for ducts. Mini split systems can be costly, but having them installed can often be cheaper than adding ductwork to a finished building.

There are also companies that can repair damaged ductwork. You might not be able to have your new central system set up because the current ductwork is damaged or has mold issues. Although a thorough cleaning might eliminate invasive growths, some systems may need to be replaced to ensure that the problem is officially and permanently resolved.

Irrespective of what your needs are in this area, it is always important to select licensed and reputable companies to do the work. The best installation and repair services will have easy to understand pricing schemes, solid guarantees, and a range of affordable materials from which to choose. These entities will also have a generous amount of positive feedback from satisfied customers.

For more information, contact Good Deals Heating & Cooling at 215-947-1166.


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