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Important Considerations For An HVAC Installation


Good Deals Heating and Cooling HVAC installation

Many older houses were built before air conditioning units were commercially available. Over the years, many residents only used window units for all their cooling needs. These units are noisy and are not energy efficient, which keeps your energy bill artificially high in the warmer months. To cool your house more efficiently and cheaply, you will need an HVAC installation done on your house.

If you already have a system in your home, you may still need a new install if your old unit stopped working. Though the initial cost is high, newer units are much more energy efficient so that the air conditioner will pay for itself over time in electric bill savings. Installing the new machine is relatively simple since all the duct, and electrical work has already been done. In most cases, installation can be completed in an hour or two.

On the other hand, if you have never had a central air conditioner in the house, then your house will need quite a bit of work done. A location for the fan coil unit will have to be found. This piece of equipment is one of the main parts of the entire system and must be put in a place where it won’t get exposed to the elements. Generally, attics, garages or even crawl spaces are used.

Duct work is also an important part of this procedure. Without ducts, there is no way for the cooled or heated air to be distributed throughout the home. Duct work is work that only professionals with lots of experience can do.

The electrical work is the wiring that connects the electricity to the unit and the thermostats in the home. Without it, the system simply won’t power up. Once again, professionals with experience must do this, as incorrect electrical work could result in a fire. Once the system is installed, you can start enjoying cooler days indoors with family and friends.

For all your HVAC installation needs, contact Good Deals Heating and Cooling at 215-947-1166.


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